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Does Free Delivery really mean free or is there a hidden charge?

Free delivery really does mean free! Sometimes you don’t have time to run another errand to the pharmacy. Sometimes you don’t “feel” like going to the pharmacy. We get that. We offer truly Free Delivery as a service to you, to make your life easier.

Will I pay the same copay at Collier Drug that I would at other pharmacies in the area?

Most of the time! Many commercial insurance companies have flat copay rates for all of the pharmacies that they are contracted with, so your copay will be the same at any contracted pharmacy. Some exceptions do exist, such as an employer that “encourages” their employees to use a certain pharmacy by using lower copays, or not contracting with other pharmacies. Some Medicare plans have developed “Preferred Networks” that exclude some pharmacies, even if the pharmacy meets all of their requirements.

If you have questions about your specific plan, go to our Ask a Pharmacist page, give us your information. We will look at your plan, and let you know.

Ask a Pharmacist

Does Collier Drug match other pharmacies’ prices?

Our policy at Collier Drug is that we do not match prices from other pharmacies. We believe in offering fair pricing on all of our products, and not just a special discounted list. By doing this, we are often significantly cheaper on medications that aren’t on the big box store’s discount list. (We also don’t make you walk around the store for an hour.) At Collier Drug, we focus on excellent quality and service and strive to showcase that in all areas of our business.

Can I have my compound delivered to one of the other Collier stores?

Unfortunately, no. State law currently prohibits us from delivering compounded medications to another pharmacy. However, we do utilize the same delivery service that the other Collier stores do, so we can typically deliver to your home or work.

How long does it take to have a compound prescription filled?

At our Collier Compounding, we are making custom medications from scratch, so we ask for 2 business days to fill a compounded prescription. For example, if we receive a prescription on Tuesday at 2:00 PM, we ask that you allow until Thursday at 2:00 PM for it to be ready. In order to better serve our patients, we can also set you up to receive a text message or an email when your prescription is ready, so you will know within moments of it being completed.

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Where can I access Collier Drug’s HIPAA Notice?

A link to our HIPAA Notice is at the bottom of every page for your convenience. You can also access through the link below.

If you have any questions about our policy, please ask any of one of our helpful staff members!

Collier HIPPA Notice