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Collier Compounding

Photograph of pharmacist dealing with pharmaceuticalsWhat is compounding?

Compounding is like baking a cake from scratch. First, you have to have all of the right ingredients. Then you have to combine them in the correct order and in the correct amounts. Next, proper mixing of the ingredients ensures that the batter is uniform throughout. Finally, the cake is made into its final form (by baking) and the final touches (icing) are added to make it look just right.

At Collier Compounding we prepare medications from “scratch.” We take bulk ingredients and measure them very carefully to ensure the correct strength. Next, those ingredients are used to make custom creams or gels or placed into capsules or used to form suppositories. The final preparation is then packaged so that it may be easily used by the patient.

In essence, a compounded medication is like a personalized cake made for a specific person…You!

What Services Are Offered At Collier Compounding?

Wellness Programs
Hormone Replacement
Stress Recovery
Health Coach
Pain Management
Veterinary Needs
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