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Wellness Programs

These programs available at Collier Compounding


Do you have trouble sleeping or feel like you’re in a fog? Are you easily overwhelmed by things that used to not be an issue? Are you fatigued and dragging through the day?  Have you been told your lab tests are “normal”, but you know you don’t feel normal?  This is a glimpse into the symptoms you may have with hormone imbalance, chronic high stress, and/or low energy levels.

Our Wellness Programs are intended to be a resource for patients on their journey to optimal health.  Who doesn’t want to be the best version of themselves? When we balance our hormones, manage our stress, and learn how to create healthy habits, we not only set ourselves up for success, but we are also a positive influence on those around us.  This positive change allows us to be better parents, partners, friends, co-workers, and so much more.

At Collier Drug we have created the following programs as a service to better meet the needs of our patients:

Hormone Balance
Stress Recovery
Health Coach

Our Wellness Programs are designed to either work independently or they can work together as a partnership.  Many of our patients have found that they need support in more than one area and we are here to walk you through that process and find what route is best for you.

Meet our Wellness Team here.

Which Wellness Program is Right for Me?

There are many symptoms that are associated with hormone imbalance, chronic stress, or both. Use our helpful tool below to identify which Wellness Program would be the best fit for you.

Get Started With Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

For Women
For Men

How do I get started with a Health Coach?

Schedule a 100% FREE Coaching Session with Corrie.  This is our gift to you for showing up for yourself and taking the next step in your health journey.  This session is an opportunity to see how working with a health coach could help you specifically.  Email us right now and start your wellness journey and answer any questions.