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“Testosterone – It’s Not Just for Men Anymore!” – Review

Both the positive and negative aspects of the history of testosterone use are explored in this article from Women’s International Pharmacy. Research into the testosterone supplementation has ebbed and flowed over the course of hundreds of years. As our technical abilities increased, testosterone’s role in both men and women’s health became more apparent.

I appreciate this article pointing out the various types of un-natural testosterone and that the use (and more commonly the abuse) of these substances have led to unwanted side effects and toxicities. Testosterone supplementation in biologically responsible doses has clear benefits that avoid side effects.

Many women are concerned about using testosterone because they don’t want to “grow a beard.” The good news is, the doses that are used for women are much smaller than those used by men, so the likelihood of side effects is very low.

At Collier Compounding, the most common method of testosterone supplementation involves the use of a topical cream or gel that is used daily by both men and women (in their respective doses). We use only natural, or bio-identical testosterone in any of our topical preparations. Feel free to contact us for more information or any questions you may have regarding testosterone supplementation.

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