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Medication Services


If you’re taking multiple-monthly prescriptions, and find it difficult to keep them straight, Collier Drug Stores offers this simple subscription service to sync your monthly medications and simplify your life.

Turn your pharmacy trips into one efficient stop, and save money with a clear plan of action that organizes your medications with consistency, and without missed doses due to lack of available medication.

How does it work?

It’s a simple subscription plan to easily manage your prescriptions.

Collier Drug Stores will:

  • Auto-fill prescriptions every month without you needing to call it in.
  • Notify your doctor 5 days ahead of your adherence date to check if refills are needed.

Medication Management

We love educating our customers. As experts on your medications, it’s our responsibility to explain uses and directions, possible side effects, cost savings, and avoiding possible interactions. We are here to serve you.

Medicare Part D coverage?

You may be eligible to receive additional Medication Management services. Most plans include medication management services in the cost of your premiums, so there is no out of pocket cost to you.


Dispill® is a safe, convenient multi-dose packing system that labels and dates your prescriptions — so you don’t have to.

The blister-cell design allows for packaging of multiple daily medications per cell and organizes them by time of dose, eliminating the need for an abundance of pill bottles, bulky pillboxes, and excessive, single-dose bingo cards.

  • Doses are filled and carefully checked by your pharmacist.
  • Benefit all customers with multiple-dose requirements, anyone with various disabilities, and patients in foster or group homes.

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Learn more about the custom medications we offer at Collier Compounding.

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