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Refill Prescriptions

Refill Your Prescription

Ready to begin? Select one of our 10 locations to fill your prescription:

Have your prescriptions delivered fast and free!  Order online, visit your local store or call us at 1-888-237-6261.

No online Rx Account? Start here…

Choose the Collier Drug Store nearest to you or the location closest to where you want your refills delivered. Only refill orders can be placed online and you do not need to have an open Rx Account or a Collier Drug charge account, only the refill Rx number on your prescription package. All first-time prescriptions must be brought in to us by you or submitted by your physician.

Open and manage your online Rx Account

By opening an online Rx Account, you have full access to view and print your prescription records, manage your prescription refills with a single click and submit, and to pay your Collier Drug account from anywhere. Your private health information is meant to be shared only between you, your healthcare provider and your pharmacy – and we take your privacy rights seriously.

Before you are able to create an online account, there are a few steps you are required to take:

All accounts holders must sign this form in the store and present a valid picture identification. An account cannot be honored if this step is not followed.

To create your account:

After selecting your Store location from the menu, select the “Create Account” link at the top of the prescription refill web page and follow the online directions. Be sure to call us if you have questions, or use the provided instructions to the right.