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Multi-dose Packaging: Simplifying Your Medication Schedule

Medication compliance is a common struggle that can affect even the most alert and organized patients. No person is immune to mixing up medications and dosage frequencies, and the challenge to administer medication correctly only intensifies with age and/or increasing number of medications prescribed.

In a previous article, Kathryn Stark, Pharm.D. discussed the importance of medication adherence and the many benefits of synchronizing your medications. In it, she shared very useful information and laid a solid foundation, upon which this article is intended to build.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to check it out, or are in need of a quick refresher, please first refer to “Subscription for your Prescriptions: Medication Adherence.”

Considering the aging ‘Baby Boomer’ population and the fact that the average American is prescribed more than 3 medications for chronic conditions, it should come as no surprise that medication non-adherence is a widespread issue.

It’s so significant, in fact, that taking medication incorrectly (or forgetting to take it) is one of the leading causes of hospital re-admissions among patients and often a key determinant for their placement in an assisted living facility. Synchronizing medications can definitely be an incredibly helpful tool for patients and caregivers who are responsible for the proper administration of multiple maintenance drugs, and Collier Drug Store offers an additional service that simplifies taking medication even further.

Dispill® Multi-Dose Packaging

The Collier Drug Store locations at Willow Creek and Prairie Grove now offer Dispill® Multi-dose Packaging. Dispill® is a safer, easier, more convenient system for dispensing prescription drugs that not only improves medication adherence, but also helps to maintain patient independence and quality of life.

These benefits extend to all patient types—those with multiple-dose requirements, children or adults with various disabilities, patients in foster or group homes—there are no exclusions.

The blister-cell design allows for packaging of multiple daily medications per cell and organizes them by time of dose, eliminating the need for abundance of pill bottles, bulky pillboxes, and excessive single-dose bingo cards. On top of it all, these pre-packaged doses are safely filled and carefully checked by your pharmacist!


Personalized medication list

At the very top of each individual card is a detailed medication list of every drug included inside that pack, accompanied by the physical description, specific directions for administration, and dosing schedules associated with each. This list can be easily removed and when kept readily available by the patient, it can offer fast access to essential information in the case of an emergency. It is also a useful tool for caregivers and healthcare professionals to refer to when discussing patient care.

Multi-Med, Multi-Dose Capabilities

Each separate card has 28 individual blisters—7 rows by 4 columns—that include a week’s worth of medication customized just for you. Every row represents a day of the week and each column is color coded to represent a specific dosing time: morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime.

The individual blisters are appropriately sized to hold several medications of various shapes and sizes, and every single one is labeled with the patient name, the contents held within, and the specific date and time they are to be administered.

Detachable Cells for Meds On-The-Go

In addition, perforated edges around each cell make your medication portable and easy to travel with, lending even further accommodation to our patients’ busy schedules. The innovative packaging allows for tearing of entire rows or even just individual dosing times, so whether you’re traveling for a few days, or just going out to lunch, you can take just the appropriate blisters necessary for your time away from home. Oh the possibilities!

This convenient system gives patients peace of mind by assuring that they are taking the right medication at the right time. By syncing your meds, we are able to prepare 4 complete cards or packs of medication that fulfill your prescription needs for the entire month.


If we work together to maximize its abundant possibilities, Dispill® has the potential to improve medication adherence, prevent errors in medication dispensing, and enhance our relationships with patients. Simplifying the proper administration of medication to this extent allows us to help protect patient independence and positively impact the quality of your life.

Furthermore, by packaging your prescription drugs and over the counter products at the same time every month, your pharmacist becomes more familiar with your needs and ensures that you are getting the optimal therapy you deserve. Synchronizing the filling of all maintenance medications, vitamins, and/or supplements allows the pharmacist to view all of your therapies at once and more easily identify any drug interactions, therapeutic duplications, or missing medications.

This service also successfully relieves much of the stress of our patients by erasing the worry of mixing up doses or keeping up with refills. No longer will you spend precious time filling pillboxes or calling in refills. Our system will be set to automatically notify us several days in advance that it’s time to start packing your monthly supply. This gives us sufficient time to contact your prescriber for refills and/or order any of your medications when necessary, which minimizes missed doses and assures that you get the most out of your prescribed therapies.

Let us make it easy for you to stay healthy and dedicate more time to doing the things you love.

If this doesn’t already sound convenient enough, allow me remind you that Collier Drug Store also offers FREE DELIVERY. So if you’re keeping up with all of the benefits here, that means WE track your refills, WE sync and package your medications, and WE deliver to your door! Should you choose to take advantage of all these services offered, then just about all that’s left for you to do is take your medicine according to your personalized pack—and then find something to do with all that free time!

Let’s Check Out Those Benefits One More Time

  • Ideal for patients with multiple meds and/or doses throughout the day
  • Simplifies medication dispensing for patients & caregivers
  • Safely packaged and carefully checked by your pharmacist
  • Eliminates hassle of filling pill boxes & saves valuable time
  • Improves medication adherence, optimizes therapy, protects patient independence
  • Doses color-coded according to time of day
  • Detachable blisters for easy transportation to accommodate your busy schedule
  • Your over the counter products such as vitamins and supplements can be packaged too!
  • Just 1 trip to the pharmacy & 1 predictable payment each month

To get started, please print and fill out (as much as possible) the Multi-Dose Packaging Form. This is just to help you get a head start and avoid or shorten your wait time in the pharmacy. If you don’t have access to a printer, no worries—these forms are also available in the store. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns!


Author: Hannah Culp – Hannah is a current fourth year pharmacy student at UAMS College of Pharmacy