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Infographic displaying Medication Adherence.

Med Sync Programs Available


Image 1 of 2 for infographic displaying medication adherence program facts. Med sync allows you to pick up all of your ongoing medications at once on a convenient day of each month. Your pharmacist will review all of your medicines, make necessary changes to your medications, and proactively refill your medications, resulting in fewer trips to the pharmacy, relieved worries over missed refills or running out of medication, and a monthly opportunity to discuss your medications with your pharmacist.

When you sync your monthly maintenance medications and condense your trips to the pharmacy into one efficient stop you not only save time and money you also are more inclined to adhere to taking your medications consistently and without missed doses due to lack of available medication. Simply put: a subscription for your prescription medications. This is a completely free service that we are happy to provide to you. Let us take the hassle and stress out of your life when it comes to managing your prescriptions. Not only do we auto-fill your prescriptions every month without prompting, we also notify your doctor 5 days ahead of your adherence date to ensure you are completely taken care of and in case we need to obtain refills from their office. By syncing up all your medications you benefit in more ways than one!