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“DHEA: Surviving and Thriving” – Review

There are so many benefits to using DHEA, that it’s a wonder why it isn’t included in our drinking water. From improving metabolism to improving our skin health to improved mental health, studies have consistently shown DHEA to play a significant role in our health.

This article from Women’s International, lists the numerous benefits of using DHEA. The article itself is a bit choppy as it jumps from benefit to benefit so my suggestion is to focus on the health benefits that apply most to you.

What I found most interesting is the connection between cortisol levels and DHEA levels. Cortisol is released by our adrenal glands in response to stress, and if the body goes through extended periods of time with high cortisol levels, DHEA levels will decline. As this article points out, if DHEA is supplemented, it will actually assist in decreasing cortisol production.

Please read, “DHEA: Surviving and Thriving” here and learn about an often overlooked hormone that plays a substantial role in our health.