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Hormone Testing: Saliva vs Blood Test

Balancing hormones can be tricky business. Every step of the process is important, from testing method to the interpretation of the results to compounding procedure to proper application. There truly are many moving part that must work together to ensure the best outcome for the patient. In this article we are going to discuss the […]

Photograph of saliva test tubes

What is a Saliva Test?

A saliva test is a non-invasive method for determining a patient’s hormone levels that can be done in the comfort of the patient’s home. Saliva tests can look at the same hormones that a blood test can (estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol) and offer the patient more convenience and flexibility than traditional blood tests. […]

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“DHEA: Surviving and Thriving” – Review

There are so many benefits to using DHEA, that it’s a wonder why it isn’t included in our drinking water. From improving metabolism to improving our skin health to improved mental health, studies have consistently shown DHEA to play a significant role in our health. This article from Women’s International, lists the numerous benefits of […]

Photograph of pharmacist making compound medicine

How much does a Compound Medication Cost?

The short answer, and I promise that it’s not a cop out is…it depends. Unlike commercial products that are sold at normal retail pharmacies and are produced by large manufacturers, compounds are all made on site at our Collier Compounding Lab location. There are two primary factors that help determine the cost of a compound: […]

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“Testosterone – It’s Not Just for Men Anymore!” – Review

Both the positive and negative aspects of the history of testosterone use are explored in this article from Women’s International Pharmacy. Research into the testosterone supplementation has ebbed and flowed over the course of hundreds of years. As our technical abilities increased, testosterone’s role in both men and women’s health became more apparent. I appreciate […]

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“A Lifetime of Progesterone” – Review

Progesterone is a vital hormone for women throughout their lives and this article, from Women’s International Pharmacy in Madison, Wisconsin, lists many of the benefits that have been shown to be associated with maintaining proper levels of progesterone in the body. This article lists the benefits of natural progesterone, and how every woman should be […]

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Why are prescription costs going up?

The rising cost of prescription medications is a common concern in the health care world, both to companies providing insurance coverage to their employees and to the patients themselves. Companies have seen rising costs across the board for several years, seemingly with no end in sight. Patients are feeling it at the pharmacy counter with […]